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Maternal & Infant Health


Butler County Women’s Wellness Public Health Campaign: The Whole Woman Project

Butler County Infant Vitality Annual Report 2021

Butler County Transportation Survey
To take the survey, click the link or visit: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/D2F7TDQ 

Transportation Survey Flier 2021-2022

Butler County Child Fatality Review 2020 Annual Report: The loss of a child has a tragic impact on families, and our community as a whole. The Child Fatality Review serves to protect the lives of Butler County children and to help every child thrive into adulthood. The Child Fatality Review Board is a group of professionals within the county who honor the memory of each child lost by working to prevent future deaths of children. We dedicate this report, with deepest sympathy, to the children who have passed and to their families.

One of the best indicators of the health of a community is its infant mortality rate. The death of a child before their first birth day is known as infant mortality. The infant mortality rate is the number of infant deaths for every 1,000 live births. Infant mortality is often associated with factors such as maternal health, access to and quality of health care, socioeconomic conditions and health policies.

Research shows that lower income families are impacted more often by infant deaths of all causes, and that Black and Hispanic families are impacted more often than white families. Most often infant deaths in our county are due to three things: prematurity, lack of prenatal care, and sleep related deaths. These are all complicated issues.


In 2013, partners from across Butler County came together to build strategies that would reduce racial disparities in infant death and improve birth outcomes. By 2014, the Partnership to Reduce Infant Mortality (PRIM) was formed.

Based on input from the community, data analysis, capacity and a review of infant mortality literature, the PRIM initiatives are focused on: 

If you are interested in finding out more or assisting with this effort, call Tracy Bishop, Maternal and Child Health Manager at 513-887-3808 or email at bishopt@butlercountyohio.org.

Butler County Infant Vitality Annual Report 2020
Butler County Infant Vitality Annual Report 2019
Ohio Department of Health, Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) 

Ohio Department of Health, Pregnancy Associated Mortality Review 

To follow Butler County Partnership to Reduce Infant Mortality on social media click on here: Facebook page.

 Breastfeeding network

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Maternal and Infant Health Reports13 documents

Butler County Reports10 documents

  • Butler County Infant Vitality Annual Report 2021
    document date 02-16-2022
  • Child Fatality Review 2020 Annual Report
    document date 07-29-2021
  • Infant Vitality 2020 Annual Report
    document date 07-29-2021
  • Butler County Ohio Equity Institute Infant Vitality Annual Report
    document date 11-19-2020
    Fiscal year 10.1.2019 - 9.30.2020
  • Maternal and Infant Health Assessment Chartbook 2014
    document date 02-26-2020
  • Community Health Assessment: Infant Mortality 2015
    document date 02-26-2020
  • Infant Mortality Profile 2016
    document date 02-26-2020
  • Community Progesterone Survey Report 2018
    document date 02-26-2020
  • Infant Vitality Annual Report 2018
    document date 02-26-2020
  • Infant Vitality Annual Report 2019
    document date 02-26-2020

Ohio Department of Health Reports2 documents

  • Pregnancy Associated Deaths in Ohio 2016-2018
    document date 02-26-2020
  • Ohio Infant Mortality Report 2018
    document date 02-26-2020

Health Policy Institute of Ohio1 document

  • Infant Mortality and Health Equity Executive Summary 2017
    document date 02-26-2020

Safe Sleep and Cribs for Kids (free Cribette's if eligible)6 documents

  • What does safe sleep look like?
    document date 08-10-2020
  • Cribs for Kids
    document date 11-02-2018
  • Sudden Infant Death Network of Ohio
    document date 11-02-2018
  • Safe Sleep for Your Baby
    document date 11-02-2018
  • Ohio Department of Health Safe Sleep Information
    document date 11-02-2018
  • American Academy of Pediatrics Safe Sleep Recommendations
    document date 11-02-2018

Neighborhood Navigation and Community Resources1 document

  • Having a Baby? Let our Navigator Connect You
    document date 08-10-2020

Breastfeeding4 documents

  • Local WIC Office
    document date 11-02-2018
  • Breastfeeding Fact Sheet
    document date 11-02-2018
  • Infant Feeding Fact Sheet
    document date 11-02-2018
  • American Academy of Pediatrics Breastfeeding Recommendations
    document date 11-02-2018

Prematurity2 documents

  • Prematurity Risk Factors
    document date 11-02-2018
  • Stress and Pregnancy
    document date 11-02-2018

Smoking & Pregnancy3 documents

  • How Does Smoking Harm My Baby?
    document date 11-02-2018
  • Smoking Risks During Pregnancy
    document date 11-02-2018
  • Baby and Me Tobacco Free, Moms Quit for Two Program
    document date 11-02-2018

Centering Pregnancy Programs2 documents

  • What is the Centering Institute?
    document date 11-02-2018
  • Evidence Base for Centering Pregnancy Programs
    document date 11-02-2018

Bereavement Support2 documents

  • Helping Endure a Loss Program at Atrium Medical Center
    document date 11-02-2018
  • Grief Resources Brochure
    document date 11-02-2018

Consumer Recalls3 documents

  • Recall on Kids II Rocking Sleepers (all models)
    document date 05-02-2019
  • Recall On Fischer-Price Rock N Play
    document date 04-30-2019
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission
    document date 04-30-2019