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Public Hearings on Proposed License Fee Changes 2022

Proposed fee increases/decreases that will be considered by the Butler County Board of Health for Food Service Operations, Retail Food Establishments, Mobile Units, Vending Machines, and Temporary Licenses for the licensing year of 2022. 

(Due to COVID-19 staff reassignments and temporary business closures, the cost methodology for 2022 licenses was greatly reduced. Please keep in mind that fees for 2023 should return to pre-pandemic

Click here for a list of prices that will be effective 12/1/2021.

Public hearings and readings of a resolution to adopt these fees for 2022 will occur at the monthly meetings of the Butler County Board of Health, held on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM, at Butler County General Health District, 301 South Third Street, Hamilton, Ohio 45011 or (location to be announced) on the following dates:

Public hearing and first reading: August 19, 2021
Public hearing and second reading: September 16, 2021
Public hearing and third reading: October 21, 2021

Should the proposed fees be approved and adopted, this letter shall serve as notification that the fee changes will be effective for the 2022 licensing year.

Fees are determined for each licensing year based on the requirements specified in OAC 3701-36-14. This code requires that health departments calculate costs of providing services by doing a cost methodology based on sanitarian hours. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact Carrie Yeager, R.S., Environmental Health Director at (513) 863-1770.