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Butler County Public Health Officials in Initial Vaccination Phases


January 14, 2021
Contact: Butler County General Health District, 513-863-1770

Butler County Public Health Officials in Initial Vaccination Phases
Supply of the COVID-19 Vaccine Remains Low

 BUTLER COUNTY, OHIO – While the number of vaccines is in short supply, Public Health Officials are working collaboratively with Butler County Emergency Management Agency (EMA), health care organizations and partners as well as local, state and government agencies to meet the needs of individuals who qualify for early phases of COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

“Public Health is very excited about getting the COVID-19 vaccines out! In these early phases, the demand for the vaccine has been very high, while the supply has remained low,” says Jennifer Bailer, Health Commissioner for Butler County General Health District (BCGHD). “We are working as fast as possible to ensure the distribution is fast and equitable. We understand how badly people want it. We do ask that the public continues to remain patient however. We will get to everyone who wants the vaccine eventually, but it will take some time as we wait for manufacturers to ramp up their numbers” says Bailer.

Jackie Phillips, City of Middletown Health Commissioner says, “The City of Middletown is committed to vaccinating everyone seeking a COVID-19 immunization. It is our mission to protect our community.”

According to Butler County EMA Director, Matt Haverkos, “As a county we are mustering all available resources and partnerships, including both public and private, to get the vaccine to our community as quick as possible. This effort is utilizing a whole community approach, uniting cities and townships to fight COVID-19 with the best tool available: the vaccine.”

A new resource, launching today, includes a statewide vaccine provider search that will allow Ohioans to search by county, ZIP code, and category to find a provider in their area to administer the vaccine. The vaccine provider search will be available at www.coronavirus.ohio.gov.

"This has been one of the most rewarding experiences for those of us working to vaccinate our neighbors," said Brandon Saurber, Hamilton Public Information Officer. "To hear the joy in the voices of these residents, knowing that their isolation is nearing an end, is a gift."

Butler County Local Health Departments are experiencing a very high call volume. Health Departments and additional vaccine providers kindly ask for your patience as they continue to receive thousands of forms and voicemails.

Saurber continues, "If you have completed a form OR left a voicemail, we will get to you. If you have not heard from us, it is likely one of the following is true: 1.) Your information has not transitioned over to our call list; 2.) You live outside of Hamilton city limits; or 3.) We are not vaccinating residents in your age group at this time."

Some, but not all vaccine providers are scheduling appointments for individuals to receive their first dose of the vaccine. At this time, no Butler County vaccine providers are doing walk-in clinics. If you do not have an appointment, it is vital that you do not physically arrive at the provider location in order to follow safety precautions.

“Public Health plans and trains for mass vaccination events. It is definitely within our wheelhouse to get large numbers of people vaccinated. We look forward to working with all our partners to rolls this vaccine out to the public,” said Jenny McCoy, Emergency Response Coordinator for BCGHD.

Butler County Vaccine Providers

Butler County General Health District
BCGHD is collecting information from organizations and people that are in Ohio's Phase1A and Phase 1B for COVID-19 vaccinations. Please understand that the purpose of thissurvey is to collect information, but this is not a vaccination waitlist or vaccinationscheduling system of any sort. There is no guarantee that by completing this survey youwill receive the vaccine from BCGHD, it simply lets us know you are out there so thatwhen it is your turn, we may contact you.

BCGHD is currently vaccinating those in Phase 1A: those on the front lines of COVIDcare, those living in group settings and their staff, and caregivers of those withdevelopmental disabilities. We anticipate moving to Phase 1B shortly, and will alsocontinue with Phase 1A.

BCGHD Vaccination Survey can be found on our website at:  http://health.bcohio.us/
Phone Number: 513-863-1770
Please do not submit or call more than once.

City of Middletown Health Department
The City of Middletown Hospitals, in working partnership with the City of MiddletownHealth Department and other government agencies are working to meet the need forvaccinating individuals who qualify for initial vaccine distribution.

Hospitals are working quickly to provide the vaccine to their employees as vaccine supplyis available. Public Health is continuing its COVID-19 vaccination program for thoseindividuals who are identified by the State of Ohio Health Department. This currentphase of vaccination is NOT open to the general public at this time and it is notrecommended to contact your provider to schedule an appointment yet.

City of Middletown Health Department will notify the public when the next phase beginsthrough outreach to patients, local news media, social media platforms and our websitecovid.cityofmiddletown.org. Pre-registration for the vaccine is now open oncovid.cityofmiddletown.org

Due to limited vaccine supply, the City of Middletown Health Department is working strategically in getting the vaccine to each targeted group identified by the state as soon as the supply for that group is received.

City of Hamilton Health Department
Hamilton Public Health officials are scheduling COVID-19 vaccinations for the first waveof elderly (65+) residents with underlying health conditions in Tier 1B.

Residents MUST have a scheduled appointment. Registration on the day of is notpossible at this time.

Scheduling within Tier 1B is being prioritized based on age, per the Governor's orders. 

If you are a Hamilton resident 65+, please fill out the vaccination form on the website. If you qualify, a member of their staff will contact you when they have available vaccinesfor your age group.

City of Hamilton Health Department Vaccination Survey can be found on their websiteat: www.hamilton-oh.gov/ (PREFERRED for efficiency)

Phone Number: 513-785-7080
Please do not submit or call more than once.

Community First Pharmacy
Beginning next week, Community First Pharmacy will be providing COVID-19 vaccinesto the community according to the guidelines set forth by the Ohio Department ofHealth.

Schedule an appointment by visiting: www.community-first.org/pharmacy OR by calling:
1. Hamilton location: 513-645-544
     7210 S. 2nd St., Hamilton, OH, 45011

2. Middletown location: 513-217-8900
     1036 S. Verity Parkway, Middletown, OH, 45044

Kroger Pharmacy

Schedule an appointment by visiting: www.kroger.com/rx/guest/get-vaccinated
Phone Number: 1-800-576-4377

Kroger Pharmacy Locations:
7855 Tylersville Rd., West Chester
560 Wessel Drive, Fairfield
8000 Princeton Glendale Rd., West Chester
5250 Newtown Drive, Liberty Township
1474 Main St., Hamilton
1450 S. Erie Hwy, Hamilton
428 Oxford State Rd., Liberty Township
7300 Yankee Rd., Liberty Township
3420 Towne Blvd, Middletown

We ask for your continued patience to make sure we are vaccinating the right people, at the right time. During this time, we ask for your continued commitment to keep Middletown safe by wearing a mask, washing your hands and staying home when you are ill.


Butler County EMA Media Contact:
Matt Haverkos haverkosmr@butlercountyohio.org

Butler County General Health District Contact:
Erin Smiley smileye@butlercountyohio.org

Middletown Media Contact:
Shelby Quinlivan shelbyq@cityofmiddletown.org

Hamilton Media Contact:
Brandon Shelby brandon.saurber@hamilton-oh.gov