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Butler County Vaccine Update

Butler County Vaccine Update

Butler County General Health District (BCGHD) is moving COVID vaccine out to the community just as fast as it is coming in!

We are following the guidelines established by Governor DeWine and Ohio Department of Health for who is vaccined in Ohio's Phase 1A.

We have received a limited number of doses so far. We hope to see the numbers increase as manufacturers increase their capacity. The Ohio Department of Health determines what we get, based on what is allocated to them from the federal level-- and that depends on the manufacturers.
BCGHD is collecting information from organizations that are in Ohio's Phase 1A for COVID-19 vaccinations. If your organization falls into the Phase 1A priority list, please complete the following survey: 

If your organization does not fall into the Phase 1A priority list, please check back frequently. As more vaccine doses are produced, and the state allows vaccination of other priority groups, we will collect information on those groups at that time.  

It will  take some time to vaccinat all who want to get vaccinated, please be patient as this process moves along!