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About Us

The Butler County Board of Health was incorporated on February 20, 1920, with the ideal of creating an organization that would strive to help secure the right to a sound body and a healthy life for the citizens of the Butler County Health District. The employees of the Board form the Butler County Health Department. The health department staff members continue to strive to achieve this ideal by focusing on environmental health programs, communicable disease control, immunizations, health education, emergency preparedness, plumbing inspections, and vital statistics.

Leadership and guidance is presently provided to the staff by an eight member Board working to insure the health of our citizens by maximizing the health of the population as a whole. The Board strives to take every measure possible to secure for each citizen the right to a sound and health life. The department is also fortunate to receive support from our township, city, and county officials. Without their assistance, we could not meet the many challenges that arise.

The health department service area includes the geographical area of Butler County with the exception of the cities of Hamilton and Middletown.

We are located at:
301 South Third Street
Hamilton, Ohio 45011
Contact us at – (513) 863-1770


General office hours are:
Monday through Friday
from 8:00AM-4:00PM

Our website includes updates on programs that are held outside of normal operating hours, and programs that are held at specific times or by appointment only.
To learn more about programs that are offered through the Butler County Health Department, 

The Butler County Health Department is dedicated to providing services to all residents regardless of their race, ethnicity, language and/or religion.